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Can I get a refund/exchange/transfer?



  • Glenda Haack

    I had gotten a new credit card and was wondering if it would go to the new one. I think I had written before and apologize good that. God Bless
    Glenda Haack🙂

  • iTickets Admin

    Hello Glenda,

    You will need to call your bank to recover the funds, as we can only attempt to refund the card that was used to make your purchase.

    We will send you a transaction ID number when the refund has taken place.

    Thank you,

    Customer Care

  • Kerri Santos

    Hello Itickets,
    I recently purchased tickets to see Colin Dixon in Bedford, New Hampshire. I just noticed that a recent additional concert in North Attleboro, Massachusetts is way closer to me. Is there any way to switch venues to the 3/12 date? Thank you

    Kerri S.

  • Loretta Thompson

    I accidentally selected the wrong date. Can I please change this?

  • Wanda S Woehlert


    I sent a chat last night regarding a refund that I would appreciate being done. 

    I inadvertently ordered three tickets and I only want 2. I was trying to do the Father’s Day promo, buy one get one free and when I went to put the promotion code, “FATHER,” the first time I ordered I put 1, and I only got one ticket, but I came back and I did the order again, and I followed the promotion code instructions. This time I put two tickets so when I checked out, it should’ve only charged me for one ticket per the promo, “Buy one get one free.,” but it didn’t. It charged me for 2 tickets. 

    Will I get refunded for the first order I placed and will I be able to get refunded on my second order, which should have been for 2 tickets for the price of one? 

    Is there anyone I can call to discuss this?

  • Connor Coffey

    I accidentally bought the wrong seat is it possible for me to get a different seat, or refund and get a different seat?


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